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Overcome the Isolation, Fear, Guilt, Shame and Sin that has Trapped You!

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Welcome to a journey unlike any other! Men's Weekly is more than a group; it's a facilitated, moderated, global family of men united in their quest for God. Here, real love isn't just spoken; it's experienced. Every week, we gather from corners of the world to share, grow, and walk closer with God together.

My brother,

I'm excited to invite you to be a part of "Men's Weekly" - a virtual gathering designed (after 23 years of running this race) to enrich our lives through faith, fellowship, focus, and fortitude. Every week, we'll come together online to share our journeys, uplift each other, and grow stronger in our faith.

When: Saturdays at 8:30am CST

(More Days & Times to Come!)

Where: Virtual - Apply for the access

Cost: 100% Free for Life!

In these sacred sessions, we'll explore the depths of scripture, share our personal experiences, and support one another in our spiritual growth. It's not just a meeting; it's a brotherhood where we foster focus and fortitude in our lives.

Men's Weekly is more than just a gathering; it's a commitment to each other as the body of Christ, and to our spiritual journey as Christ is formed in us. Let's walk this path together, growing stronger in faith and fellowship.

This is the authentic fellowship and discipleship experience that you've been looking for! No more hiding behind a mask - so come as you are.

I look forward to seeing you there, brother.

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Joshua Alan Jones

Why Apply to Men's Weekly?

  • Faith: Deepen your spiritual understanding through scripture and shared wisdom.

  • Fellowship: Connect with like-minded men in a supportive, uplifting environment.

  • Focus: Gain clarity and guidance to navigate life's challenges with a faith-centered approach.

  • Fortitude: Strengthen your resolve to live a life of purpose and integrity.

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