Use WordPress to Launch Your Business Website!

One of the best marketing strategies ever has been the use of websites to serve information and transact business or lead prospects and clients through a guided, and often automated, process.

Setting up a business website can be a daunting task for most.  Not so with WordPress.

WordPress is a website framework that gives you a real website with a database to store information. The framework allows you to scale your online presence and content on the fly, without having to be a webmaster or html expert.  The beauty of this framework is the fact that open source and free for use on any scale.

Because of how WordPress is built, you can utilize this framework to setup a blog, website, landing page or any other web presence you can imagine.  It is a fully extensible platform allowing savvy developers to make massive applications in record time and amateurs to create money making websites on the fly.

Take a moment to visualize your website before you begin this process.  In terms of strategy – be sure to research your market and search trends before you get started.  See how you will deliver your content to your audience and plan ways to leverage that traffic (ie: newsletter signup, affiliate promotions, advertising, etc.).

Having a clear picture in advance makes this process a lot smoother!
Don’t forget to write your thoughts down.

How to Setup Your WordPress Website:

  • Have your web hosting setup ahead of time.
  • Purchase your domain name.
  • Setup your MySQL database on your web hosting.
  • Get over to WordPress and download the latest release.
  • Unpack the contents into your website root directory.
  • Run the installation.
  • Locate, download and unpack the theme you want to use.
  • Install the plugins you want to use.
  • Edit the settings for your site, theme and plugins.
  • Organize your categories, pages and links.
  • Start writing content!

There is a lot more we can fill into these steps and even some steps you need to have done beforehand.  You can also watch the YouTube video Joshua Jones posted on installing WordPress on your own web server.

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