5 Tips For Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing TipsSince email marketing has become an integral part of any small business marketing strategy, you do want to follow some simple advice to ensure your email marketing is received well, provides values and increases your revenues!

Plan Early & Send Early

When it comes to email campaigns, you may not realize this, but the sooner you get on your clients’ and/or customers’ minds, the better off you are. You better believe your competition is planning and sending out early campaigns. If you plan your campaigns in advance, you will be better prepared to change course if need be.

Be Consistent in Your Frequency

As you know the rule of thumb is 7 times exposed before a prospect becomes a customer. That guideline is certainly still viable and valid. If you only take the time to send 2 or 3 messages in your email marketing campaign, then you are leaving money on the table, no doubt about it. Keep your frequency going, use similar, if not the same template with different content.

Use Calls to Action and Incentives

People like getting stuff, and in their core, they like taking action, when they perceive true value. If you don’t provide an incentive or call to action, you will NEVER be able to tap that intrinsic desire to get something or take action. There are limitless possibilities for incentives and calls to action – they can simply be value add services and offerings, or limited time offers, contests and giveaways.

For Goodness Sakes, Use HTML

The only time this would not apply, is if the majority of your email list has opted out of HTML emails, or rather chosen plain text for their delivery method.  But why, you ask? HTML is far prettier than plain text or even rich text and people like pretty! You also have more control over how your email marketing content is delivered.  NOTE: always provide a link to the “hosted” HTML version of your email marketing piece, so users that want to see your HTML without compromising their email client can experience the full HTML email effect.

Send Holiday & Special Occasion Emails

People all have egos, if you stroke them at least 7 times a year, you stand a far greater chance of them receiving your messages, reading them in their entirety and also interacting with your organization. People like to know that others care about them, so make sure these emails are geared toward the client and NOT your offers. Of course, include a call to action, just like with every email, but keep your promotional copy to the bare minimum on these emails.

If you keep these email marketing tips in mind, you stand to blow your competition out of the water moving forward.

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