More About Us & What Drives TUPOS

The Genesis of The Entrepreneur’s Partner

TUPOS, LLC has been around for over half a decade and helped countless small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world move forward in taking their businesses online. Having quality counsel and help make a big difference! Here is the core of how and why we want to help you.

The TUPOS concept was created in 2005 as a company that would not just say, not just do, but show other small business owners, like you, a pattern that they can be followed to grow your businesses online. After half a decade, TUPOS has grown into a network of niche organizations designed to help entrepreneurs make the most of their online business presence. TUPOS is more than a group of expert consultants, we are your partners and we work together for the success of your business.

The Pure Vision & Mission of TUPOS

TUPOS is here to provide entrepreneurs like you with the best combination of web based technology to grow their business online rapidly, with enormous impact, efficiency and profits. We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you transition to a 24×7, virtual, web presence that works for your business and adds value to your employees, clients and prospects alike.

What About the Meaning of that Word TUPOS?

You can watch the video here!

The word TUPOS comes from the Greek language meaning to an “impression” or “type” to follow after. In the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is the TUPOS that Christians try to conform to. In the business world, TUPOS is a pattern for you to model your online business after.