Welcome to TUPOS, Your Partner in Growth

Welcome to TUPOS, LLC, your partner in growth and the home of professional business consulting and personal development coaching. Led by Joshua Alan Jones, a seasoned entrepreneur, certified Warrior trainer, and experienced consultant, we are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their potential and become 'the example.'



Transform Your Personal and Professional Life with Our Services

TUPOS is rooted in the philosophy of the Warrior Method, focusing on the four crucial domains of BODY, BEING, BALANCE, and BUSINESS. We believe these form the pillars of a fulfilling life and successful career.

Personal Development Coaching

As we guide you through the realm of personal development coaching, our aim is to inspire you to better yourself in all facets of life. We concentrate on strengthening your body, nurturing your spiritual being, balancing your relationships, and optimizing your professional endeavors. With us, you can expect a radical transformation over the next 12-18 months - a robust physique, an enriched relationship with God, healthier familial connections, and a thriving business with a clear purpose.

Personal Development Coaching – TUPOS, LLC

Business Consulting

In the professional sphere, our business consulting services offer expert guidance for entrepreneurs and CEOs who seek to leverage technology in their operations. Our expertise spans across technology integration, sales and marketing strategies, and fulfillment processes. If you're a small or medium-sized business in any industry, we're equipped to streamline your operations and boost efficiency, leading to substantial business growth.

Speaking Engagements

With Joshua at the helm, our speaking engagements cover a wide range of topics, from faith and spirituality to self-development, business building, team leadership, and family management. Joshua is available for on-site or virtual events, conferences, conventions, and retreats. His aim remains to inspire audiences to grow personally and spiritually, and stay connected to God.

Training Programs

Our team building training and workshops are designed to promote Agile Self-Improvement and expose the reality of team dynamics. Available in both on-site or virtual formats, we offer practical techniques and strategies that foster a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and teamwork.

TUPOS Events

Our signature TUPOS events are immersive experiences that provide opportunities for networking and intensive self-discovery. The TUPOS Networking event is a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and exchange ideas, while the TUPOS Journey and TUPOS Experience are intensive programs that take you on a deep dive into your life's facts and future.

TUPOS | Become the Example

In this fast-paced world, it's more important than ever to stay connected to your purpose and nurture your personal and spiritual growth. At TUPOS, we understand this need and have designed our services to help you strike a balance between your physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional life.

We invite you to embark on this journey of growth and transformation with us. Discover how to seamlessly integrate all aspects of your life to achieve harmony and success. With TUPOS, LLC, you'll not only reach your goals but also redefine what you believed was possible.

Join us in this transformative journey and discover your potential. Welcome to TUPOS, where we help you set an example. We look forward to partnering with you in your growth journey.

Remember, we are not only your professional business consulting partner, but also your guide in personal development and spiritual growth. At TUPOS, LLC, we understand the interconnectedness of these facets and strive to provide a comprehensive service that caters to all. Welcome aboard!


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