Life Cycle of Your Buisiness Web Presence

Your business website is the pivot point of doing business in the 21st Century and the base of your business web presence.  Just as with any other tool in your business arsenal, your business web presence will go through a number of changes or enhancements before it becomes a true profit center or revenue generator for your business.  In this segment, we’ll take a look at the typical life cycle of a small business web presence.

Starter Web Presence

The starter website is not just the “simple 5 page website”, but it’s your first shot and interacting with your prospects and customers online. You may have a very small or very large website, with some or no social media presence. You might have some downloads for your prospects or a contact form to process inquiries online. Regardless of the size of your web presence, more often than not, your first attempt to get on the web will be your starter web presence.

While the starter web presence may go through several different designs or iterations, but until you begin getting feedback from your prospects, customers and sales staff, you really don’t know how effective this is and if it will even help your business.

Traits: Simple Website, Limited Social Media, Limited Newsletters, No CRM, No Process Automation

Advanced Web Presence

Once you have made an attempt to interact with your prospects and customers online, you will have learned a few things. The phrases “what if” and “can we” should be coming to mind a lot and you do your business justice to document all of these thoughts. It is these thoughts that can be turned into profitability through your web presence.

This phase generally requires a complete revamp of your website, advertising and social media; all for the purpose of enhancing the way you interact with customers and prospects online and their experience. It is at this point you may begin to want new websites for specific niches in your industry to capture more targeted traffic and looking in search engine optimization (SEO).

You most likely will be making landing pages and integrating your email marketing or CRM software with your website in this phase in order to automate some of the sales funnel processes in your business.

Traits: Advanced Website, Robust Social Media, Frequent Newsletters, Search Engine Optimization, Some Process Automation

Ultimate Web Presence

The ultimate presence is only possible when you understand the desires of your target audience and where to get in front of them. In other words, this is where your strategic marketing intel from the previous two phases starts to pay dividends to your business. Of course by now, you realize that nearly every piece of software you use doesn’t do what you want it to and you wish you could have your own custom solution.

The ultimate web presence takes the processes you need to automate and makes full use of your online resources, from a single login point.

To paint the picture, you will login to your own web presence administration panel – be able to make changes to your website, post to social media, see your sales funnel and interact with your prospects and customers and even view statistics and other critical marketing data. You will have your own database, collecting, securing and displaying your business critical data in a way that compliments your business.

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